70. Thanksgiving

  1. 1. When God’s blessings on the church, community, or nation are particularly evident, it is fitting that the people of God engage in special times of thanksgiving.
  2. Special times of thanksgiving may be observed by private individuals and families at their discretion or by the Church as called by the appropriate judicatory. If the civil authority calls for a time of thanksgiving that the judicatories of the Church deem to be in harmony with the Scriptures, they should consider issuing such a call to their members.
  3. Public notice is to be given before the day of thanksgiving comes, to enable persons to order their temporal affairs so that they can participate.
  4. It is especially appropriate on special days of thanksgiving called by the Church that the people of God gather for prayer, testimony to God’s blessings, joyful singing of psalms and hymns, and the reading and preaching of the Word of God. Let them give thanks to God for His goodness to His people and especially for the greatness of His mercies to them in Christ. And let them commit themselves anew to the faithful service of the Lord their God in gratitude for His blessings. It is fitting on such days that God’s people spend the day in expressions of Christian love and charity toward one another, rejoicing more and more in the Lord, as becomes those who make the joy of the Lord their strength. Also, they may feast together before the Lord with joy and thanksgiving.


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