74. Worship in the Home

  1. In addition to public worship, it is the duty of each person in private, and of every family in private, to worship God.
  2. Private worship is commanded by our Lord. In this duty everyone, should spend some time in prayer, reading the Scriptures, holy meditation, and serious self-examination.
  3. Family worship, which should be observed by every family, should consist in prayer, reading the Scriptures, and singing praises, even if briefly.
  4. Parents should instruct their children in the Word of God, and in the principles of our holy religion. The reading of devotional literature should be encouraged and every proper opportunity for biblical instruction should be gladly embraced.
  5. Parents should set an example of piety and consistent living before the family. The Lord’s Day should be sanctified and left free for worship, rest, and works of mercy.
  6. In the task of Christian education, parents should cooperate with the Church by setting their children an example in regular and punctual attendance at religious instruction provided by the church and services of worship, by assisting them in the preparation of their lessons, and by leading them in the consistent application of the teachings of the Gospel in their daily activities.


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